Palestrina Marmi s.r.l. is a company highlyspecialized in the fabrication of marble and granite , with the ability to combine creativity, style and design.

It is the outcome of the sinergy of two professionals with thirty years of experience in the sector, Amilcare Maggi and Marco Tabacchiera are driven and have a great passion for marble, a natural material with a trascendent elegance and highest eternal value always recognized by superior quality of Made in Italy.

The high quality of finished products along with extraordinary talents of mind and hand combining state of the art machinery, create unique and sought after pieces. The quality is associated with the largest price competitiveness able to satisfy our customers with the best prices, this has been possible thanks to the purchase of blocks of various types of marble directly from their quarries of origin.

Going beyond the timeless and classical look by transforming the material into something more contemporary is what fundamentally distinguished our company from the rest.